About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our patrons with quality products and services at a good value to help them be productive and profitable while maintaining a strong cooperative for the future.

Our History

Town and Country Supply Association is a locally owned farm supply cooperative owned by the members it serves. It came to be back in 1997 through a merger of two previous cooperatives, Laurel Co-op Association based in Laurel Montana and Co-op Service Center based in Billings, Montana. In February 2009, Farmers Union Association, Big Horn County also a farm supply cooperative, merged into Town and Country Supply. These cooperatives had served the farmers in their respective areas since back in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Town and Country Supply has grown from $8.86 million in sales it’s first full year of operation ending January 1999 to $115.26 million in sales for the year ending January 2014. As a cooperative, when Town and Country Supply is profitable, the patrons are eligible to receive dividends back based on their purchases. These dividends are paid back each year in the form of 30% cash dividends and 70% stock to be retired at a later date. Patrons are eligible to request the retirement of their stock when they reach age 67. Not many businesses today give back money to their customers when they make a profit.

As the cooperative has grown, it has required us to be more focused on individual parts of the business. As a result of the growth the cooperative has developed four different divisions designed to specialize in their respective product lines.

The Agronomy division provides crop consulting services to help growers achieve maximum economic production while providing their fertilizer, agricultural chemical, and seed needs along with application services.

The Energy division focuses on providing quality Cenex branded gasoline, diesel, and propane products to customers from mines and municipalities to farmers and individual households. We now operate a fleet of five bulk fuel trucks, two fuel transports, and five propane bobtails.

Our farm supply division consists of three stores located in Laurel, Hardin, and Bridger. We offer a full line of livestock feed, along with fencing materials and livestock handling equipment. To fill out the rest of the customers needs, we handle clothing, boots, lubricants, horse tack and many other items.

We round out our operation with the convenience store division that has three convenience stores and was established to help take care of the driving needs of both our town and country customers.

At Town and Country supply we believe that the diversity of products and services that we offer will help us to remain strong and with our commitment to quality products and services we will be here long into the future to take care of our town and country customers.

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